0. Orientation Guide – Content

The Zeitgeist Movement Defined:

Realizing a New Train of Thought

Please note that this Guide is actively under development with only Part I of IV available. The other 3 sections/16 essays will be released as they are completed. If you find a Typo, please email media@thezeitgeistmovement.com

Download PDF Here TZM Orientation Part 1 of 4

  2. Overview
  3. The Scientific Worldview
  4. Sourcing Solutions
  5. Logic vs Psychology
  6. The Case for Human Unity
  7. The Final Argument: Human NaturePART II – SOCIAL PATHOLOGY & THE ANTI-ECONOMY
  8. Defining Public Health
  9. Evolution of Economy
  10. Market Efficiency vs Technical Efficiency
  11. Value System Disorder
  12. Structural Classism, The State and ConflictPART III – SUSTAINABILITY: A NEW TRAIN OF THOUGHT
  13. True Economic Variables
  14. The Design Revolution
  15. Industry & The Real Market
  16. Redefining Government
  17. Natural Law/Resource-Based Economy
  18. Freedom, Utopia & The Humanity FactorPART IV – THE ZEITGEIST MOVEMENT
  19. Understanding Collapse
  20. The Revolution of Values
  21. Engaging The Group Mind
  22. Transition & The Hybrid Economy
  23. TZM: Structure and ProcessesAPPENDICES
  24. A: Vocabulary List
  25. B: The Scientific Method
  26. C: Reading List
  27. D: Common Objections
  28. E: TZM Quick Start
  29. F: 2009 Orientation Reduction
  30. G: Select Lectures

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