Start a Chapter

So, you want to start a Chapter?

Thats great, below are 4 simple steps to get you started:

1. Check and make sure if your local chapter exists already or not.

Check our global map here.

If you see your city already listed on the map, just click over the icon and contact your chapter by using the provided contact in the map or exploring the website/available communication medium.
If your city, region or even country is not listed there it is very likely that there is not a chapter in your area.

2. Know which type of chapter you need to start

After checking if there is a chapter in your city, region or country, The next thing is to know what type of chapter should you start.

Ideally you should be starting a local chapter in your city, however the infrastructure in your area may not be ready for such.

The logic behind knowing which type of chapter you should start is simple and can be layed out in 3 options:
a) Start a Local Chapter if a regional chapter is available in the area.
b) Start a Regional Chapter if there is none in your region, but there is a national one.
c) Start a National Chapter if there is none in your country.

3. Read the chapter’s guide.

You can download your chapter guide in PDF format here. Alternatively, you can view the online version here.

Although recommended, you do not need to read the entire guide. The required reading is only:
– “1. The Basics”;
– The section that explains how to start the type of chapter you want (National, regional or local)
– “7. Maintaining Progress”
– “8. Movement Guidelines.

The rest is to be consulted depending on what the case may be and will be the most important tool throughout your journey during creation, maintenance and development of a chapter. Please keep it as a reference at all times.

4. Submit your application.

Now you just have to know who should you contact and what is the best way of doing so.

If you want to start a city/local chapter, please find and contact the regional chapter coordination of where the city is located in.
Example: To start a chapter in Los Angeles, contact the California Chapter.

If you want to start a regional/state chapter, get in touch with the coordination from your country.
Example: To start a California Chapter, contact the US Coordination.

If none of the above are available, then you have to start a National Chapter in your country.

To start a chapter in your country, you will have to get in touch with the Global Chapters Administration (GCA) directly, you can do so by filling in this form.

What should i expect next?

After you fill in your chapter application form, you will expect to get a reply in 2 to 7 days from us (under normal conditions). In turn we will analyze your application to see if your basic understandings of the movement are in check and will give you further instructions and support to get you chapter up and running.